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Going Live on Social Media!

Oklahoma farmer's markets on social media

Going live is a great way to promote your market!  Live videos can do several things for a market and its patrons. They can be used to remind your customers that the market is open, prompting them to add a stop at the market to their day’s schedule.  They can also provide customers a glimpse of what the experience of shopping at your market is like. Additionally, they can show customers some of the seasonal produce and fresh bread or baked goods currently available, as well as what live music, family-friendly activities, and other market features are happening that day.  

We know this is a new promotional tool, but it can be very beneficial for market managers and vendors alike! To help you better understand Facebook Live, we have gathered some information and general tips to get you started.   

Who sees Facebook Live videos?

When you go live, all of your page “followers” are notified.

Who are my Page Followers?

There are two ways to interact with a page on Facebook. Individuals can “like” a Facebook page, and they can “follow” a Facebook page. Facebook’s default is to automatically sign you up to “follow” all pages that you “like”, but users can turn off this default.  When an individual “follows” your page, they will receive a notification for each new event created and live video your page posts.  Encouraging market patrons to “follow” your page creates an opportunity for them to stay up to date on all your current market news.

Another incentive to go live on Facebook is that followers are updated at the top of your news feed, in addition to the regular notification.

What to do when you are Live.

1. The best time to go live is within the first hour of the market. This gives your followers plenty of time to get to the market that day. At this time, your vendors’ booths will be full of their goodies.

2. Make the description of your live video clear; this is what individuals will read that entices them to watch on Facebook. Time and location is something that never hurts to include, but try to always check in to your site before you go live. Here are a few examples: 

  • XX Farmers Market is extra kid friendly this Saturday with face painting, a clown, yummy taste tests and more! Come by 7-11am!
  • Celebrate National Potato Day with XX Farmers Market! We have tons of varieties of potatoes and so much more!! Visit us 8am-12pm!
  • Fresh, Quality, Food that you can Taste the Difference!! Come see what all we have at the XX Farmers Market. We will be next to City Hall until 1pm today!
  • Touring XX Farmers Market this beautiful morning! Have questions? Just ask!! We are at the Fairgrounds each Saturday 8am-1pm.

3. While going live, it is important to make your video engaging. You will have a variety of viewers; some will watch just a small portion of the live video and others will watch the whole thing. Here are a few tips we have found to make your live videos most effective.

  •  Have a plan.. Talk to vendors ahead of time to tell them you will be going live and want to show off their booth. Let the vendors talk about their own products. Invite a customer to talk about their shopping experience once the video goes live. Remember to ask for consent before filming.  There are individuals who appreciate giving consent before being directly filmed.
  • Remember: once you go live, you can’t edit the video. This is another reason to let everyone know you are going live, so people are appropriate, prepared, and not put on the spot.  
  • It’s okay to go live for a long period of time. In all other areas of advertising and promotion you want your message to be short, sweet and to the point, but for going live it is okay to take your time because it can take a while for individuals to sign in to watch. 

Going Live is just a fun way to use social media to get your market out there! If you have any specific questions or want us to elaborate on a topic, please e-mail 



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