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Peaches at a Farmers Market

There are few things tastier than a fresh, sweet and juicy Oklahoma peach! Here are a few tips to picking some of the most delicious ones when you're shopping at your local farmers market:

  • Find a local peach. A peach can be picked at its peak ripeness when it doesn't have to travel far to where it’s being sold. Peaches are in season in Oklahoma from July through September.  
  • Shop with scents. Your nose can help guide you to the perfect set of peaches. A  sweet peachy smell is helpful in finding out which ones are ready to eat.
  • Look at the colors. The brightness of a peach is a pretty good sign that it's ready to be eaten. Green tones on peaches mean they didn't get enough time on the tree to ripen. Look for bright yellow and gold tones to help find the ripe ones.  
  • Watch for wrinkles. A little wrinkling on a peach means that some of the water has evaporated. When this happens, the sweet peach flavor intensifies. If your peach gets too wrinkly before you can eat them, store them in the refrigerator to help them last a few more days.  
  • Give it a squeeze. Gently press near the stem to see how firm or soft the peach is. Softer peaches will be sweet and juicy, while firmer peaches will have a nice crunch when you bite into them. If you want your peaches a little softer, let them sit at room temperature for a few days to ripen up.  

Enjoy your peach on its own or try some of these sweet recipes:
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