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Fresh Tomatoes are IN!

Tomato season is here and the tasty tomatoes are abundant! There is an endless number of dishes to make with them, so pack up the family and head to your local farmers market to get them while they are fresh! Once you get them home, here are some tips on how to best store them for an explosion of flavor!

upside down tomatoes

  • Keep tomatoes you are about to eat on your countertop, away from direct sunlight. This cool, even temperature (best between 65-70°F) provides the climate tomatoes need to fully develop their flavor, color, and texture. Storing them in the refrigerator at temperatures lower than 50°F can start to damage their cells and stop them from continuing to ripen.   If you store them on the counter with the stem facing down, it should help keep the tomatoes fresh even longer!

  • If you are in a pinch and bought more tomatoes than you can eat, it is possible to refrigerate them!  Doing this may lead to some loss of flavor, however, so if you find yourself in this situation, try taking them out of the fridge a day or two before you plan to eat them.  This will allow the enzymes that help ripen the tomatoes to warm up and restore some of the original texture and flavor!

peeling tomatoes

  • You can always freeze tomatoes for cooking later!  To do this, you should add tomatoes to boiling water for 3-4 minutes.  Next, quickly dunk them in ice water. When you pull them out you will notice that you can pull all the skin off very easily!  From here, cut them up how you like them and put them in a freezer-safe ziploc bag. They are now ready to make into sauce, or to add to any other recipe you want!

colorful tomatoes

Keep in mind that tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes- especially at the farmers market!  Don’t be afraid to try a color, shape, or size that is different from what you are used to seeing in the grocery store- you never know when you might discover the best tasting tomato you have ever had!