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Top 5 Winter Veggies

The cold weather setting in means plenty of good things are just around the corner- like the holiday season, spending time with loved ones, and snuggling up in your favorite blanket!

Cold weather also marks the end of produce from the farmers market- or does it?  Many people don't realize there are plenty of crops that prefer cool weather!  These yummy veggies can even survive the harsh Oklahoma freezes if you take care of them right!

Veggies that thrive in the cold may not always be the ones you are most familiar with, but learning to use what's in season gives you the freshest, most nutrient-packed flavorful foods that money can buy!
Here are some ideas for how to love the veggies that love the cold:

1) Beets - Try as a fry!

Instead of french fries from potatoes, try cutting fresh beets into french fry shapes and bake them in the oven with a little oil and seasonings until they're soft.  Carrots and sweet potatoes are also delicious this way!

2) Carrots - Shred them into your baking!

Shredded carrots can give some extra sweet flavor to breads and muffins.  Try our Carrot Cake Cookies for a healthy and delicious treat!

3) Kale - The perfect substitute for potato chips!

Crunchy Kale can be a guilt-free potato chip in a matter of minutes!  Just de-rib the kale (rip the stalk part off), cut the leaves into chip size pieces, toss with a little oil and seasonings, spread on a baking sheet and roast in the oven until crispy!

4) Spinach - Sneak them into a fruit smoothie!

Blending frozen fruit with a little non-fat dairy is a great way to give the kids a healthy start to their day.  Throw in a few handfuls of spinach for the same great flavor with a boost of vitamins and nutrients!

5) Collard Greens - Stick them in a soup!

Shredded greens can be a flavorful addition to many kinds of soups, as well as a boost of vitamins and minerals.  Add them to your favorite soups, or try our Hearty Homestyle Chicken Soup recipe!

Some other veggies in season are radish, cabbage, lettuce, brussel sprouts and swiss chard.  A general rule of thumb for remembering which veggies do well in the cold is whether or not they are green!  It doesn't apply in ALL cases but a good place to start when trying to remember what is in season is: leafy greens are winter greens!