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Tips for Setting New Year's Resolutions

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult. Year after year we set goals then a few weeks later we give up. This year ONIE is providing some helpful tips to help you keep your goals, while making a permanent change.

Set Realistic Goals

Most of the time New Year’s Resolutions are too extreme. Your goal should be something you can build from and keep long term, such as increasing your physical activity by 10 minutes every month until your goal time is met.

Have a Plan

Having a plan for your goal can help increase your chance of sticking to that goal long term. For example: “To improve my health, I want to lose 3-4 pounds every month by being physically active once a week and eating more vegetables”. This plan starts small and is something you can build on, like increasing physical activity to two times per week.


Make It a Family Affair

It is hard to make healthy changes by yourself. ONIE recommends involving family members or a friend to help you stay on track with your goals. Try being active as a family, taking a hike to explore the beautiful scenery of Oklahoma, involving your kids in fun, kid-friendly snacks, or try a new ONIE recipe every month.



Don’t Try to Be Perfect

If you break your goal, it is not the end! Nobody is perfect and making changes does not have to be all or nothing. There will probably be days when you do not have time to do something physically active. And that is okay! It is all about BALANCE!


ONIE hopes these tips for setting and keeping New Year’s resolutions will help you have a happy and healthy New Year.