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Apple Cranberry Stuffing

Spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen this Thanksgiving by adding our Whole Wheat Apple Cranberry Stuffing to your holiday menu. This Whole Wheat Apple Cranberry Stuffing takes only 30 minutes to cook and is sure to give you some extra time with loved ones! This recipe is a delicious and healthy alternative to any traditional holiday stuffing. Let’s break down the ingredients to see how this stuffing recipe compares to traditional boxed stuffing!  


Whole Wheat

Whole wheat is a more nutritious options than white bread. The whole wheat in this recipe provides more fiber and vitamins than traditional boxed stuffing.  


Traditional boxed stuffing contains around 390 mg of sodium in a single serving. ONIE’s Apple Cranberry Whole Wheat Stuffing is 1 for 1 certified, providing only 210 mg of sodium per serving. 

Apple and Cranberry

The apple and cranberry add burst of flavorful, natural sweetness without any sugar added.   

This quick and easy recipe is sure to have your entire family and loved ones asking for seconds. 
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