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Sweet Potato Turkey Bake

Looking for a quick, tasty, and easy dish that’s perfect for fall? We have just the entrée for you! ONIE’s cheesy and flavor packed Sweet Potato Turkey Bake has all the flavors of Thanksgiving without all the calories! The ground turkey in this bake adds flavor and a protein-rich kick. Barley, a whole grain, is high in fiber and adds a chewy and nutty flavor your family is sure to love. Finally, the sweet potatoes provide 200% of your Vitamin A needs in just one tasty serving! All these nutrients help to maintain eye, bone, and immune system health and are delicious too!

Ready in just 30 minutes, this quick and easy dish is truly the perfect fall meal! Try it out for Thanksgiving and impress your family with a quick, healthy, and delicious meal everyone is sure to enjoy!

Savvy Chef Tip: Don’t have any barley? Use brown rice instead!

Click here for the Sweet Potato Turkey Bake recipe!

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